Application fields

The Units belonging to CIRCC apply their knowledge and expertise in the fields categorized below:

  • Atmosphere chemistry
  • Greenhouse gases mitigation-recovery-utilization
  • Mineralization of waste
  • Coal and oil chemistry
  • Hydrogen chemistry
  • New syntheses of organic compounds of industrial interest
  • Solvent shift, new green solvents
  • New clean and effective oxidation reactions
  • Direct carboxylation of organic substrates
  • Amination reactions
  • Water as solvent and reagent
  • Carbon dioxide as solvent and reagent
  • Solid phase catalysis
  • Super-acids and super-bases
  • Asymmetric and disymmetric reactions for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals
  • Recovery and utilization of CO2
  • Life cycle assessment of products and processes
  • Organometallic compounds